Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hey guys, after being asked a million times, I thought it would be fair to share my live gear list, and routing. I hate doing this for one reason, because it's really not about the gear. These are just tools, but if it helps anyone to know what I use, then I'm all for it :-)

So, here goes:

Wurlitzer a225 w/amp stand***
Clavia Nord Electro 61***
Arturia MIDI controller
KORG Kontrol***
Monster Cable$ (haha, get it?)

Computers and Software
Apple MacBook Pro i5***
Apogee Duet***
Ableton Live 8 Suite (the main DAW)***
Native Instruments
Guitar Rig***
Arturia Analog experience
Reason 5
GForce Software:
M Tron Pro***
Imposcar 2 (my fav)***
Virtual String Machine

I've asterisk'ed the things I ABSOLUTELY depend on. But that's just me. It's all about learning what YOUR OWN needs are, and finding something useful to yourself.

Hope this helps!

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