Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Cynical People Want

Food for Thought: When someone is accusing someone else of a crime, Whats the one thing that superceeds any testimony, alibi, or argument? EVIDENCE.

Let me paint a picture of what SOME christians look like through the eyes of a cynical non-christian.

“Man, he’s alot different at church than he is in the workplace”

“He’s nice, but I don’t sense anything genuine under her skin”

“He’s quoting Bible verse’s, but I’m not convinced that he’s aware of the words he is saying”

“What a legalisric weirdo!”

You know why I can quote those lines? Because those were comments direcred toward ME at one point! You see, I was “doing” christian things, but all those “things” really are are testimonie’s, alibi’s, secondhand accounts and empty arguments that fall flat on the ground. You know what “things” do for a cynical person? They ADD to there doubts!

LOVE is the heartbeat of GENUINE Christianity, and SACRIFICE is the EVIDENCE of LOVE.

Show me someone that doesn’t sacrifice for there spouse, I’ll show you a broken marriage. Show me a person who doesn’t MAKE time for freinds, and I’ll show you someone who’s alone. Show me a person who CALLS themselves a christian and doesn’t make time, give money, OR show compassion to the people that are around him, and I’ll show you someone who TRULY doesn’t see and understand the sacrifice Jesus made for them, therefore doesn’t understand the meaning of being a christian, which is beleif in the Sacrifice of Jesus.
Therefore, he ISN’T a christian!

The american idea is to serve your own wants, fulfill your own needs, but to be a Christian is to set whats good for you, and wash the feet of others.

So I’ll say it again: SACRIFICE is the EVIDENCE of LOVE.

Present the evidence, and NO cynic will question your Belief!