Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Hope is in My Mind

I've got to stop wasting time. Every step I take from now on is going towards the goal of putting a gigantic dent in the universe. If I'm not changing my world around me, then it's not worth doing!

There's so much more to life than suffocating myself in my own comfort, or waiting for a paycheck. No, this time around, I have to be courageous enough to make the right sacrifices, for the right reasons! I'm going to believe that I'm crazy enough to change the world.

Why give up on your own core beliefs just cause of a little failure? The things you believe in are worth fighting for...that's why you believe them.

Im gonna be crazy enough to believe Love is the answer to everything. Why lose hope like every other person who has been discouraged by there own failures? Whats the point of that? Yes, I'm also insane enough to believe in giving unconditionally at all times, no matter if people steal from me, hurt me, or just take my giving for granted. Because what's the point of despising them? To become bitter? That would suck

I'm going to thank those who stick with me and I'm going to forgive those who abandon me. There's too much good in the world to focus on what you shouldn't trust.

Hope isn't blind, stupid or ignorant. Real hope is tested. Real hope sticks around when you go through failures, get rejected, and especially sticks around when things look impossible! Hope gives you courage to take chances, the clarity to make wise choices, and the strength to keep going. Hope is the ultimate forgiver! Hope believes in second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, and seventh chances (and everyone after that). Hope is merciful but also insane at the same time.

Will you be insane enough to have hope?

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