Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why do we ask people to sing on Sunday?

Seriously, why? I mean, lets look at it from someone else’s shoes, it’s a little strange that we invite people to a gathering and ask them to sing songs with us! Honestly, it’s kind of intimidating! Not the way to spend a weekend!

I know this is a bit offensive to a more traditional christian, but if we want to open our doors to people to EVERYONE...we have to see there World through there eyes!

So many years, I blindly led worship without asking myself this question! To be quite frank, it’s very easy to get caught up in what your doing, and forget about what’s going on! However, the truth is simple, the church HAS to relate to the world it’s trying to reach. Of course being in touch with God makes us different, it has to, but it shouldn’t make you weird. You know whats the fastest way to weirdness? Total isolation. Church people are NOTORIOUS for isolating themselves from the real world!

You know what my favorite thing to do is? I like walking. In fact, I like walking in public through really cool places, where there’s a ton a great people around. You know whats even more fun? Talking to those people. I love coffee shops, and I love turning my iPhone off, and talking to the barista when he or she isn’t busy! I’m kind of one of those people that like talking to freindly people! The best part about that is that getting to know these people is a great way for me to get to know who I SHOULD be playing music for! More importantly, I want them to experience God the same way I’ve experienced him, drowning in his undending LOVE!

So you want to know why I think we ask people to sing? I beleive that in order to experience God, you have to be Humbled, and trust me, singing songs about him is as humbling as it gets! I’ve said this before too, what makes Music so powerful is that it moves the sense that we take for granted the most: Our ability to Listen. Most importantly, when you sing in church, your singing with other people in the SAME situation, and the fact that your together in a room with these people is what makes church so great!

Why do we sing? Because God is worth singing about, and NOBODY who calls themselves Saved by grace could EVER be cool enough not to sing!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bottom Line Theology

Want to know what makes me gag? Three word punchlines that accurately describe a lot of churches: seeker sensitive programs, numbers driven ministry, etc. Ok, there's the obvious attention grabber...what might be surprising is why I hate them.

It's not that I don't like larger churches. Let's be honest, "mega-churches" have more resources that can cater to a wealthier crowd. That crowd needs to be plugged into a body of believers just as much as the needy or even middle class. And let's face it, whether you like it or not, most mega churches make the body of christ a stronger body.

Its not that there's anything wrong with a "leadership pipeline" or a "pathway program". Those systems when used correctly make it very simple for people to get involved with the church!

Here it is: it's the fact the ALL OF US at one point or another can get caught up in everything we are DOING for the church, that we forget WHY we do it.

The truth still stands: GOD IS STILL GOD...if he wanted to build the body without us...he easily could!

He could use the church of 10 people to make Disciples of the ENTIRE population of the planet, and he can use the church of 10,000 to feed the needs of a homeless family!

What is disgusting is when our lack of finances and numbers start to give us heartburn! God can still use his bride as long as she is still after him, even if she's broke!

That's why we sing songs on Sunday. It's not a ritual, or a routine, it's a chance to recognize on a weekly basis that no matter if we do everything right or wrong, NO ONE who is saved is above the Love of God, and that's why EVERYONE needs to worship him!

If you can't get through a worship set without taking your mind off your own challenges, it's a good sign that it's time to let go and realize that God doesn't care about your challenges. God cares about a relationship with you and all the people you are trying to reach, an his Love is FAR GREATER than our stupid challenges!


PS. I'm guilty of ALL of this! This was written out of the frustration that I felt self evaluating myself and realizing what I've allowed myself to become!