Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hey guys, after being asked a million times, I thought it would be fair to share my live gear list, and routing. I hate doing this for one reason, because it's really not about the gear. These are just tools, but if it helps anyone to know what I use, then I'm all for it :-)

So, here goes:

Wurlitzer a225 w/amp stand***
Clavia Nord Electro 61***
Arturia MIDI controller
KORG Kontrol***
Monster Cable$ (haha, get it?)

Computers and Software
Apple MacBook Pro i5***
Apogee Duet***
Ableton Live 8 Suite (the main DAW)***
Native Instruments
Guitar Rig***
Arturia Analog experience
Reason 5
GForce Software:
M Tron Pro***
Imposcar 2 (my fav)***
Virtual String Machine

I've asterisk'ed the things I ABSOLUTELY depend on. But that's just me. It's all about learning what YOUR OWN needs are, and finding something useful to yourself.

Hope this helps!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

In the end, Love will prevail.

What does that even mean?

For me right now, it's a song lyric that I've cut out of the last six songs I've been putting together. The words themselves have been haunting me.

To me, it means that there will be tests, and there will be trials. As long as there are still humans here, injustice would still be a next door neighbor. People will always use there authority, and treat others like property. Politicians would be in it to get re elected rather than represent the greater and necessary good. Those who are blessed with material things will NEVER be satisfied with those same blessings, and will use those same things in self-worth searching of something that doesn't exist. The hardest part of all of that, is that we see a lot of that in the mirror.

The fortunate thing, is that's only the beginning of the story.

Through all the terrible things we see on a daily basis, there is one thing that prevails through all of that. Love gives us the patience to forgive those who treat us unjust on a daily basis. It gives us the peace to give away things that we can't even hold onto, no matter how hard we try. It gives us thick skin when selfish people try to speak louder in order to get there way. Love isn't "the answer", because for everyone, "the answer" is different; however, Love is the one thing all those answers have in common. It's the reason why Jesus made it the Law that outweighs all other law.

So no matter what happens in this new, unpredictably volatile world, those who live in Love, will always stand tall.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Valley

The past couple months have been one of the hardest of my life. I definitely feel as though my soul has been chipped away. I've learned the hard way that in an instant, friendship can change, stability can disappear, promises can be broken, and your family can and WILL be shaken at times.

It has really has been the summer that EVERYTHING that's out of my control has completely gone the wrong way, yet everything I CAN control has gone very well. honestly, the truth is, is that even though it's been difficult, the fact is I've never felt a sense of discouragement. Not to say that I haven't been frustrated, but I've definitely learned the hard way that if you just keep your feet moving, good things might not happen, but great opportunities will come your way. It's how you handle those second chances that determine whether good things DO happen.

That's the funny thing about being a Christian, it's SO easy to blame God for the junk, but the honest truth is that the junk is a part of life that just happens. If your REALLY a Christian, and actually believe, than the truth is simple:

EVERYTHING from God is a blessing, ESPECIALLY the things you DON'T have.

Now as far as being a christian, I actually lean on the non spiritual side of things. I truly believe that the pursuit of Wisdom is FAR more important than the pursuit of an emotional experience. When I've studied the bible, it's obvious that knowledge is a FAR more precious gift than miracles.

In saying that, I don't think you should Thank God for the junk just cause the junk teaches you a lesson that makes you a better person. That kind of thinking just leads to a sappy feeling inside that leads you to believe that your entitled to be better. That's just pure narcissism, which leads to MORE drama you'll deal with later. I just believe you should thank God that he keeps you alive in a world where things just happen, most the time naturally, whether it benefits us or not.

Honestly, that actually gives me a lot of peace. It gives me peace to know that even though I may "underperform" or "not be a good enough Christian" in other people's eyes, that God REALLY doesn't care what I or anyone thinks. He's just thrilled that me and "those people" are still alive so we can keep attempting to pursue him and be in love with him, and that's ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS. That makes the "crap" worth dealing with, and that's what makes those people that I feel screw me over very much forgivable. I'm just really no different from any of them, they deal with the same crap that I do.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Hope is in My Mind

I've got to stop wasting time. Every step I take from now on is going towards the goal of putting a gigantic dent in the universe. If I'm not changing my world around me, then it's not worth doing!

There's so much more to life than suffocating myself in my own comfort, or waiting for a paycheck. No, this time around, I have to be courageous enough to make the right sacrifices, for the right reasons! I'm going to believe that I'm crazy enough to change the world.

Why give up on your own core beliefs just cause of a little failure? The things you believe in are worth fighting for...that's why you believe them.

Im gonna be crazy enough to believe Love is the answer to everything. Why lose hope like every other person who has been discouraged by there own failures? Whats the point of that? Yes, I'm also insane enough to believe in giving unconditionally at all times, no matter if people steal from me, hurt me, or just take my giving for granted. Because what's the point of despising them? To become bitter? That would suck

I'm going to thank those who stick with me and I'm going to forgive those who abandon me. There's too much good in the world to focus on what you shouldn't trust.

Hope isn't blind, stupid or ignorant. Real hope is tested. Real hope sticks around when you go through failures, get rejected, and especially sticks around when things look impossible! Hope gives you courage to take chances, the clarity to make wise choices, and the strength to keep going. Hope is the ultimate forgiver! Hope believes in second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, and seventh chances (and everyone after that). Hope is merciful but also insane at the same time.

Will you be insane enough to have hope?

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why I Love Freaking Out

Its never changed...I've ALWAYS taken criticism for the way I go about playing music. At the same time, people have been moved by my on-stage demeanor. I just wanted to clear the air and explain why I act the way I do.

The greatest moments in my life have been birth from the times when I sing songs about God. Those moments were extremely emotional for me, and turned me upside down. Anytime I have an opportunity to share those same experiences, I'm going to jump at the opportunity.

When I've been criticized for being "too outrageous", I've always noticed that it only cause I'm a threat to people's own comfort. However, along with that criticism, there are HUNDREDS of people that tell me "that really moved us, thank you for sharing your passion". If that passion is enough to convince people to sing, those songs can change them.

As worshippers, in order to comfort the afflicted, we have to afflict the comfortable. There nothing more uncomfortable than singing amongst strangers, but if I can make it easier by humiliating myself and playing like an animal on stage, then I will GLADLY wear a cloak of humility! Even if it causes me to make stupid mistakes, those mistakes mean nothing if I can give strength the single mom who's had enough. I would break HUNDREDS of keyboards if it brings hope to people who DESPERATELY need God.

So, to those who don't like the way I handle myself on stage...lay aside your comfort for a second, and be courteous to those who have nothing to lose, and have a hunger to worship the King. I know that's aggressive, but I could never apologize for saying it, so if your looking for one, don't bother.