Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why I Love Freaking Out

Its never changed...I've ALWAYS taken criticism for the way I go about playing music. At the same time, people have been moved by my on-stage demeanor. I just wanted to clear the air and explain why I act the way I do.

The greatest moments in my life have been birth from the times when I sing songs about God. Those moments were extremely emotional for me, and turned me upside down. Anytime I have an opportunity to share those same experiences, I'm going to jump at the opportunity.

When I've been criticized for being "too outrageous", I've always noticed that it only cause I'm a threat to people's own comfort. However, along with that criticism, there are HUNDREDS of people that tell me "that really moved us, thank you for sharing your passion". If that passion is enough to convince people to sing, those songs can change them.

As worshippers, in order to comfort the afflicted, we have to afflict the comfortable. There nothing more uncomfortable than singing amongst strangers, but if I can make it easier by humiliating myself and playing like an animal on stage, then I will GLADLY wear a cloak of humility! Even if it causes me to make stupid mistakes, those mistakes mean nothing if I can give strength the single mom who's had enough. I would break HUNDREDS of keyboards if it brings hope to people who DESPERATELY need God.

So, to those who don't like the way I handle myself on stage...lay aside your comfort for a second, and be courteous to those who have nothing to lose, and have a hunger to worship the King. I know that's aggressive, but I could never apologize for saying it, so if your looking for one, don't bother.

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  1. Love it Davie. Spoken like a true worshipper. I appreciate your transparency and honesty. It is a trait to be desired. Sometimes I wonder why I love playing and worshipping with you so much. Well my friend, I think you've just answered my question.
    Let us be reminded of the undignified worship of King David.
    2 Samuel 6:12-22

    "too outrageous?"... I say no such thing. DLB